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Meet Megan: Leading Zero Waste & Sustainability Consultant

Vertozero is the result of a background in professional consulting, coupled with the experience of setting up & running one of the pioneering zero waste shops in the UK.

Megan set up Re:Store, a zero waste shop in Hackney in early 2019. The idea first starting developing in Spring of 2018 after visiting one of only two zero waste shops in London at the time and being totally inspired by the concept.

The following 5 months were spent doing research and creating a business plan in the evenings after work, and after finding the space in Hackney Downs Studios in the Autumn, Megan left her full time job to concentrate on opening the store.

Re:Store was one of the leading zero waste stores in North East London, and helped the local community significantly reduce their waste.


A natural progression was to start helping others set up similar operations. Megan's background is in consulting, including 5 years at Accenture working with some of the largest UK retailers to deliver change.


Vertozero has been created to deliver change for your organisations, towards zero waste.

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