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Sustainability Consulting Services from Vertozero

Together Deliver Change Towards Zero Waste


Do you want to drive sustainability in your organisation or have a initiatives you need support with? Vertozero is here to help.


Is your organisation looking to go on a journey to become more sustainable? The team here at Vertozero are here to help.


Founder Megan, has first hand experience of setting up her own zero waste store in Hackney. With her unique career background as a consultant for Accenture, she can blend a rare skill set together to support your organisation on its journey to becoming more sustainable.


We can offer a range of support services for sustainable projects including:


Sustainability Workshops


We can craft bespoke workshops for your organisation to help you tackle and improve a wide range of sustainability topics. Tailored to match the stage of the journey you are on, they help employees to understand choices and changes that can be made to improve the business sustainable position.


Project Management


If your organisation has a specific project in mind, we are here to help you manage this from conception through to implementation. From how to save energy in the workplace to better recycling and moving towards zero waste. We are perfectly placed to help get the project off the ground and delivered successfully.


Governance for Sustainability


Setting out the guidelines and agreeing the governance for the sustainable position of your organisation ensures internal and external stakeholders are aware of your sustainability commitments. We can help you craft targets, help facilitate board level policy approval and support preparation of documentation.


Stakeholder Engagement


The importance of communication and cooperation between organisations and their stakeholders is vital to the success of your sustainability policy. Our consultancy services can help you to ensure you not only engage with your internal employees effectively but throughout your supply chains, communities and external stakeholders.


Let Vertozero help deliver your sustainability initiatives


The long and the short of it is we are here to help you. We’re passionate about sustainability, so why not get in contact with us today and see how we can support you and your organisation.

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